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One great thing about advertising–if you sponsor a show that broadcasts horrifying, hateful content, most sane people will never know about it.

It’s a win-win for you as an advertiser. You get to support the opinions of people like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, and win the hearts of people who share those views. But because the vast majority of people can’t bear to listen to such drivel, they never learn that you are funding it.

Well, if you’re like us, you would sooner not support companies that sponsor such material. So we provide this site, as a public service, so that you can know what companies are deliberately betraying your interest, and can choose not to give them your money. We watch the News Channel, and you can too.
These are the companies advertising on Fox News Channel most frequently in recent weeks. We monitor the satellite feed, so this list includes only national advertisers.

I was sitting in the lounge at BWI the other day, waiting for my plane to start boarding, when this rather frail-looking old man carefully lowered himself into the seat next to me. Bald, and sporting a thick Magnum PI mustache, it struck me how this ancient geezer looked like he was trying to be G. Gordon Liddy.

And then of course I realized that it actually was G. Gordon Liddy.

I tried to think of something to say, but nothing came. And, anyway, I realized that nothing I said could have made any difference. I continued working on my website for the remainder of the flight.
Instead, I decided that I would make time to resume my activities here on Spending Liberally. That, I decided, is something constructive I could do. Telling off an old geezer as he shuffles toward the Southwest gate with his old-folks preboarding pass in hand would not have been constructive, let alone gentlemanly, no matter who he used to be back when he mattered.

I’m still very busy with my other projects, but I figure I can spare some time to log ads for two hours a day. So for now I’m doing the O’Reilly Factor and Hannity and Colmes. Take that, G. Gordon! 🙂
Too much work…

My book and film projects are demanding so much of my time at the moment that I need to knock off logging new ads for a while. But the past year’s worth of ads are still here, so you can still see what companies have been working against your interests in 2005. I hope to get back to logging again in the new year…